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Kamisha Jackson of Misha’s Micro Farm

The 198th recipient is Kamisha Jackson of Misha’s Micro Farm @mishasmicrofarm in Hampton, VA.

Misha writes, “My work with the Earth primarily generates microgreens, herbs, and flowers. Being a good land steward in these times to me means reducing/eliminating harm to the Earth while finding a way to live off the land and make a living because bills are an unfortunate reality. I use little to no machinery and practice regenerative methods to return everything beneficial back to the Earth.

My farm is in its first year, and support is critical. Fortunately, I've received great mentorship from experienced farmers and entrepreneurs in my community as well as volunteers who have have helped refine and manifest my vision. I strongly feel that caring for the Earth is self care, mental health care, and community care all in one due to the sustenance and stress relief that the Earth provides.”


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