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Kadeesha Williams of The Black Yard Farm Cooperative

Our 123rd Real Farmer Care recipient is Kadeesha Williams of The Black Yard Farm Cooperative @blackyardfarmcoop in Sloansville, NY.

Kadeesha writes, “The Black Yard Farm Coop was created by 5 young Black and Latinx farmers/entrepreneurs in the Bronx working together to build a supportive community for Black farmers and creatives.

I have been working in Community Horticulture as a farmer and educator for 10 years. I work with folks young and old to provide technical assistance and training in organic vegetable farming. This will be my first season working fulltime as the wholesale vegetable farmer for the Black Yard Farm Coop.

Our vision is to rewrite the narrative that the connection to the land for black folks was started with Chattel Slavery. We will provide opportunities for Black people to learn restorative farming practices and gain hands-on farm experience in an environment free of exploitation and on land that is ours. As we move forward with the development of the Black farmer commons, our startup funds pose the most pressing challenge. I come from a long line of hard working landless farmers. We lack the generational wealth to buy land, tools and materials on our own. We are currently in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign to raise the capital to start this project.”

Support this vision and the @blackyardfarmcoop GoFundMe campaign at link in their bio.


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