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Jordan Johnson and Ben Kapadia of Moon Rabbit Farms

The 216th recipients are Jordan Johnson and Ben Kapadia of Moon Rabbit Farms @moonrabbitfarms in Marshall, NC.

They write, “Our mutual interest in sustainable food systems and how they create healthier communities are what brought us to farming. To us, food is all about relationships. The relationships between the sky, water, and soil, our relationships to the plants, animals, and fungi that feed us, the relationships between foods as they meet on the plate, and the relationships between humans growing, cooking, and eating the food. Farmers steward this web of relationships.

Healing the cycles of soil care, community care, and self care that have been interrupted by colonization and injustice has been the most important work of our lives so far. Every seed planted is an investment in a more just future.

Support can take many forms, but can involve sharing one’s presence, gifts, talents, resources, or knowledge; when communities support their farmers, it drives us forward, and when our wells are full, we are able to give so much.”


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