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Jennifer Rose Marie Serna and Rae Hart of Wapato Island Farm

Happy Monday! It’s time to take a moment to recognize we are at 50 recipients now! 50 farmers. 50 brave souls. 50 unsung heroes. 50 examples of grace and strength and grit. 50 stories of beauty and struggle and heartache and laughter. 50 beacons of light showing us that through our farming passions and determination and caring we can heal not only the land but also ourselves. -Farmer Clara

Our 50th @realfarmercare recipient - Jennifer Rose Marie Serna and Rae Hart @groundculturepdx of Wapato Island Farm @wapatoislandfarm in Portland, OR. Jennifer writes, “Wapato Island Farm is a women and POC-owned organic farm on Sauvie Island in Portland, Oregon. We are committed to using and teaching folk herbalism and permaculture practices to rediscover ancestral traditions and honor the Earth. We work in community to grow medicinal herbs and mushrooms from seeds and spores and handcraft herbal remedies in our farm apothecary. Between farming, teaching, running a business and parenting, we work hard and are always grateful for treasured times of rest. Our self-care time will be a day trip to beautiful Breitenbush Hot Springs to soak in the natural hot spring pools and steam in the sauna! Thank you @realfarmercare for helping to provide our farming family with a time to relax and restore before spring and farm work are in full swing!” .


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