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Jade Sato of Minoru Farm

Our 108th Real Farmer Care recipient is Jade Sato of Minoru Farm @_minoru_farm_ in Brighton, CO.

Jade writes, “I didn’t really know what kind of farmer I wanted to be, I just knew I wanted to be a farmer. As I began the process of learning everything I possibly could about farming I was (am) completely devoted. In that research I didn’t see many public examples of Asian American farmers. I could recall stories of my family’s traumatic history with loosing their access to farm land during the USA incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII. Until recently, the Asian American farmer in America was hidden from the public eye. So if I wanted to see a change in how Asian cuisine and farmers were seen and represented in agriculture in the USA, I made it my mission. Minoru Farm started vegetable production in 2020. What a year to start a farm! I am primarily focusing on Asian varieties of vegetables. While I have a passion to feed every body, it is also my mission to encourage Asian Americans in my generation to not lose our ancestors flavors by eating the produce that connects us to our families and cultures. When it comes to care and support that I need as a farmer, I’ve found that I need to hold myself accountable to radically rest. And having a community around me that also practices awareness around rest. Having worked almost everyday for the last 6 years gave me burn out so I’m focused on finding ways to keep toxic workaholic tendencies out of my farm. Balancing stress between productivity, finances, and time away from the business is a daily struggle of farming.”


Follow Jade @_minoru_farm_ and support her work via Venmo @ jadeasato



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