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Izzie of Florish Farms

Our 113th Real Farmer Care recipient is Izzie Shaw of Florish Farms @florishfarms in Florida.

Izzie writes, “I am a first generation African American micro farmer. I currently grow in Northern Florida on ⅛ of an acre and in a 20X40 greenhouse. I started my farm to find healing, and it grew into something bigger that is now my job. I am not only a farmer but also a full time student. My farm is a place for healing myself, the land, and others. Where I live there is a food desert for small scale farmers with organically grown local produce, as well as no farmers that are BIPOC. As an young BIPOC female farmer, I have experienced prejudice from other BIPOC individuals who do not understand the importance of eliminating food injustice, the lack of food education, and the importance of learning to live sustainably off of the land. I have also come across road blocks when trying to market my produce to local owned grocery stores. I’ve been told things such as, “This is very nice, but you are young and we are already looking at another individual.” Or just that they are simply not interested anymore when I present my produce. These are just some of the obstacles I’ve come across as a young BIPOC female farmer. But I refuse to let anything stop me, there are very few young farmers, fewer of them are BIPOC, and even a smaller amount are female. So I’m a minority, inside of a minority, inside of the minority. I am passionate about eliminating food injustice by educating the current and next generation about the importance of sustainably, locally grown, BIPOC run farms, and the way they are beneficial to the community/environment. In the not too distant future, once my farm is fully established, I would like to become a place where BIPOC farmers can come and learn about running a small scale farm. I have always been an individual who creates a plan that fulfills the need that I see. I want my farm and business to be more than a place where people come to buy locally & ethically sourced produce. I want it to be a community where people can come to find healing, education, and love.” #florishfarms #blackgirlswithgardens #blackfarmersmatter #realfarmercare


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