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Ivy Walls of Ivy Leaf Farms

Our 99th Real Farmer Care recipient is Ivy Walls of Ivy Leaf Farms @ivyleaffarms in South Houston, TX.

Ivy writes, “My name is Ivy Walls and I am the owner and operator of Ivy Leaf Farms. ILF is dedicated to neighborhood beautification while creating sustainable healthy food for my food desert community. I have always had a passion for the outdoors and I grew up on a small 5 acre farm in Houston, Texas. After moving up the road into the Sunnyside community, I knew this area is where I needed to lay my roots. Sunnyside has many challenges with sustainable and healthy food sources. Unfortunately you can find rotting/rejected vegetables on our grocery store shelves. I am currently in the process of building a mobile grocery trailer that will allow me to bring fresh fruits and veggies to the doorsteps of my neighbors. As well as setting up an online nursery @greenhouwse to fund the farm thus keeping our produce at an affordable cost. You can help @ivyleaffarms by following, donating to our GoFundMe, and sharing our journey to food equality.”


Follow Ivy’s work @ivyleaffarms and @greenhouwse, donate to her GoFundMe, and listen to Ivy today, and every day.



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