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Ife Asabi of Yes Farm at @blackfarmerscollective

The 223rd recipient is Ife Asabi of Yes Farm at the @blackfarmerscollective in Seattle, WA.

Ife writes, “I am an Oakland, California native who moved to Washington in 2021 with hopes of expanding and exploring more of what life has to offer. I am fairly new to the farming game but not the ideologies of healthy eating and holistic health. I’m passionate about herbal medicine and herbalism as a whole, and I will be taking the lead in continuously cultivating the herbal garden located at Yes Farm.

Farming to me is a luxury, to be able to grow and sustain food from seedling to fruit is something we don't all get to experience on this earth. I grew up in a community where fresh fruit and vegetables were not as affordable or accessible so I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to not only feed myself but also loved ones, and community members who need it.

Support to me looks like patience, attentive listening and thorough communication. Remaining healthy as a human being, mentally, physically, and spiritually is important to me. One thing I appreciate about the farm is simply the space - I can always show up as my whole self even if I am navigating certain life challenges. To be able to release on the land, feel held by her, and have no fears surrounding my full expression of self is significant to me and my sense of security in any environment. The land takes care of us everyday. It is important we do not disrespect the earth beneath our feet.”


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