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Hannah Wilson of @blackfarmerscollective

The 221st recipient is Hannah Wilson of @blackfarmerscollective in Seattle, WA.

Hannah writes, “My journey to farming came from a desire to steward the land and be in better connection with my community, the land, and myself. As a mixed Black queer and disabled farmer & land steward, I didn’t grow up seeing people who looked like me in this work and continue to see a lack of spaces, especially outdoor green spaces that are built around safety, care, joy, and connection for Black and brown people.

To me, farming made room for me to take care of myself and the people around me from a place of abundance. Just like how plants communicate with us and one another, rely on each other, are continuously in the process of becoming, and going through the cycles of life, death, and rebirth, so do many parts of ourselves and our community. The fact that farming is an ancestral practice keeps me very grounded when I need it most as well. The wisdom of the land that I’ve gained through farming has taught me to embrace and live in all of these truths at once.”


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