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Gail Taylor of Three Part Harmony Farm

In honor of International Women’s Day, our 56th @realfarmercare recipient is Gail Taylor of Three Part Harmony Farm @3phfarm in Washington, DC.

Gail writes, “Three Part Harmony Farm is a small-scale agroecological farm, located on a 2-acre parcel in northeast Washington, DC. The farm exists to grow food for people, but it also exists in part to challenge our assumptions on how urban farms should look. It intentionally seeks to create a viable and just local food economy while at the same time dismantling racism and the ever present, entrenched forms of oppression in that same food system. How sustainable is sustainable agriculture when it comes to the litmus test of economic and community needs, not just in terms of the environment? Our butterfly logo symbolizes the return of young Black farmers to the land, and our farm community as a resilient migratory being. This farm season is especially poignant as a turning point in the evolution of Three Part Harmony Farm. The every day reality of building a supportive environment for running a production-focused farm in DC has been much more difficult than I imagined, and we are in the process of re-evaluating what we can do in this city without killing ourselves to overcompensate for the lack of political support from our local government. This year I'd like to re-group and add back in the part where growing vegetables is regenerative for the farmers. As we focus on that, on taking care of ourselves and actually being able to eat the vegetables we grow, our customers will see less ‘output’ from us. Now more than ever I'm seeking opportunities to really think about what I'm doing and how it is sustainable.” . #realfarmercare #3phfarm #urbanfarms #urbanfarming #sustainablefarming #bipocfarmers #blackfarmers #farmingwhileblack #womenwhofarm #farmHer #foodjustice #selfcare #internationalwomensday


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