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Flora & Noah Wentworth of Frinklepod Farm

Our next @realfarmercare recipient - Flora & Noah Wentworth of Frinklepod Farm @frinklepodfarm in Arundel, ME.

They write, “We are a small farm growing organic produce and flowers, with a year-round farm store, a commercial kitchen, and plant-based cooking classes. We grow in the same community where Noah grew up, and many generations of his family before him, so when we started our own farm here 9 years ago, it felt like a given that we would be here for the long run. But, over the years, it feels more and more like a very intentional CHOICE to be here, doing what we're doing, thanks to an incredible network of customers-who-started-as-friends and friends-who-started-as-customers who go out of their way to support their local farmers and who express a nearly-unconditional sense of curiosity, enthusiasm and gratitude for the work we do. It is this community that keeps us grounded, uplifted, and inspired to keep evolving our farm business.” #realfarmercare #frinklepodfarm #welovefarmers

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