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Finegan Ferreboeuf & Jason Gold of Steelbow Farm

Our 30th @realfarmercare recipient - Finegan Ferreboeuf & Jason Gold of Steelbow Farm @steelbowfarm, formerly located in ME and recently relocated in Austin, TX on Tecolote Farm’s land @tecolotefarm.

They write, “Steelbow Farm is our life, livelihood, and passions combined. We both found ourselves in pursuit of growing food because we love to eat, cook and share a meal with others, and to treat ourselves with a dinner out in our new town would be so appreciated as there are many new restaurants to check out. We have pretty simple ambitions: to provide clean, vibrant vegetables to all that we can. We believe that small farms can be cornerstones of community and are necessary examples of a better, healthier food system. We are inspired and encouraged to keep at it by our community of fellow farmers and our true blue customers and friends.” #realfarmercare#steelbowfarm


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