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Farmer Taylor Hutcherson

Our 69th @realfarmercare recipient - Farmer Taylor Hutcherson of Durham, NC.

Taylor writes, “I work at Weaver Acres Farm @weaveracres and I’m connected to other land spaces in North Carolina @collective_future_legacy and in Oakland, CA. Farming has been a way to care for myself and to share love with the people I love. I am inspired by the words of Fannie Lou Hamer, ‘IF you have a pig in your backyard, if you have some vegetables in your garden, you can feed yourself and your family, and nobody can push you around.’ This is how my grandparents and ancestors survived and I am reclaiming my own connection to land and liberation through the soil. As a farmer, I am able to learn the countless lessons nature has to offer and I feel connected to something bigger than myself. .

The current health crises has impacted my hours on the farm and put a hold on my second farm job. I’ve been donating a lot of produce to my community of artist and service workers who have lost jobs and who are trying to start neighborhood farms. I’ve been utilizing the medicinal plants growing in my own yard to make chickweed pesto and other medicinal tinctures to care for myself and those around me. I had to postpone my massage, but have been meditating and doing yoga to care for my body. I hope this will all pass soon but in the midst of it all, plant medicine has been imperative to my health and self-care.”



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