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Farmer Melony Edwards

Our 48th @realfarmercare recipient - Farmer Melony Edwards @melbelle206 in Coupeville, WA.

She writes, “I have been farming for about 4 years and I absolutely have enjoyed my experience and the community that I have been adopted into. I did not find farming, rather it was always within me; my ancestors simply reminded me of my heritage and called me back to my roots. Many equate farming with slavery and question my career. But our nation has forgotten that before Africans were enslaved on American farmlands, we were the great agriculturists and stewards of the earth in our homelands on the great continent of Africa. Farming has taught me how to let go of the things I cannot control. I have learned to work with nature and not against it, specifically with the wind when laying row cover over crops. I have learned from great loss there is still hope. And that when you think you finally got something dialed in and you think you know what your doing, nature changes and throws something new at you and your learning begins again.

Many people do not know that I am a introvert because they always meet me in a social situation where I have learned to tap in to my extroverted abilities. So when it comes to self care, I typically enjoy quiet time with myself. So a trip to the women's only Korea day spa where I can soak in the tempered pools or lay down and rest in the various element heated rooms is my ideal form of self care. I also find that in this environment of women all in the nude helps with my personal battle of body image. No one is judging how many rolls you have, or how many stretch marks you have, they're all just here to relax.” #realfarmercare#selfcare#blackfarmers#bipocfarmers#blackwomenfarmers#pnwmelanategrowers#pnwblackfarmers


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