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Farmer Dallas of Harriet Tubman Freedom Farm

Today we are listening to our 90th(!!!) Real Farmer Care recipient Farmer Dallas of Harriet Tubman Freedom Farm @harriettubman_freedomfarm in Whitakers, NC. Dallas writes, “Born in Nashville, Tennessee and raised in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, I grew up talking to plants and watching worms in the soil of the backyard. Studying geography at Vassar College revealed the destruction and harm of the globalized food system. This learning struck a chord - buying food had become something scary. New consumer habits led to wanting to homestead which encouraged me to apply for the BIPOC FIRE immersion program at Soul Fire Farm @soulfirefarm. In this week-long intensive, I learned the beautiful heritage of African and Indigenous agriculture that has shaped the US food system. Here, the inspiration for the Harriet Tubman Freedom Farm was ignited. Now, just five months old, the goal is to grow vegetables and herbs on a 1/4 acre and expand. I am focusing on building shelter, establishing water and electricity, and building space for Black people to heal, rest, pray, and play on this land. I hope to share in the joy and beauty of agriculture while acknowledging the history of abuse of the land and people through theft, enslavement, racism, and environmental destruction. For me, farming is a direct response to the trauma and disparity this history has caused, and education is a means to transform this power.” . Follow Dallas’ work @harriettubman_freedomfarm, support and learn more on website, and listen to Dallas today, and every day. . #harriettubmanfreedomfarm #blackfarmersmatter #blacklivesmatter #supportingblackbusinesses #listeningtoblackfarmers #communitycare #realfarmercare

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