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Farmer D’Real Graham @blackwithplants, Beginner Farmer Training Program of Future Harvest

Our 51st @realfarmercare recipient - Farmer D’Real Graham @blackwithplants, Beginner Farmer Training Program of Future Harvest, & Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Ag 2020 Cohort/Trainee.

Farmer D’Real writes, “I was introduced to Gail Taylor and their farm Three Part Harmony @3phfarm in spring of 2019. Volunteering as a harvester and earthworker helped me reimagine my relationship with the sun, moon, soil, and the plant kingdom. My experience in DC working in concert with Gail Taylor and Cristina Flores @flowersxflores, the Flower Farm Manager, opened my eyes to pharmacognosy, herbal energetics, and public health. I’m now positioning myself to study public health at university while offering the public programs focused on helping folx center their somatic health and psychological wellness with the support of plants/plant knowledge. I’m determined to spend the rest of my natural life encouraging Black people to consider herbalism, small acreage farming, and ethnobotany/afroecology. These fields have the potential to lead folx to pathways of self-discovery and collective healing. For my self-care, I am struggling to manage arthritis pain in my hands and feet, and this @realfarmercare donation will be put to use to render services of a reflexologist.” .


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