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Farmer ‘D’ of Root Life Organic

Our 116th Real Farmer Care recipient is Farmer ‘D’ of Root Life Organic in New Haven, CT.

Farmer ‘D’ writes, “Root Life Organic is a black owned ag-business focused on uplifting our communities through offering organic items, agriculture & environmental education services, sustainable garden design, home garden construction, and community garden management. Root Life envisions a world in which every member of our community is practicing a sustainable, eco-friendly, lifestyle; they use culturally aligned, sustainable principals and methods to feed themselves and generate streams of revenue through agriculture related entreprenuership. Upon researching my immediate family history, I learned that my great-grandfather and great-grandmother raised my grandmother and 13 other children on their farm; providing food, clothing, shelter, medicine and a source of income from the land that they lived on. That inspired me to carry on the legacy by developing those skillsets within myself and helping as many people as I can to do the same. Farming while black in America is certainly a unique situation; even more so when its 'Urban Farming' is in non-traditional farm spaces. Land access, access to start-up capital and other resources are either scarce or not readily available in most cases; in addition, lack of communal education around sustainable agriculture and optimal dietary health make it hard to establish and expand a customer base that represents populations most at risk for food insecurity and diet related health issues.”

Support Root Life by donating to their latest fundraiser for an Organic Media Youth Program, and sign up for their Patreon to learn more about what it means to urban farm while BIPOC. All links bio. Photo credit @bread_and_beast

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