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Emma Cunniff of Kneehigh Farm

Our 61st @realfarmercare recipient - Emma Cunniff of Kneehigh Farm @kneehighfarm in Pottstown, PA.

Emma writes, “Kneehigh Farm is a 100% women-run vegetable farm growing Certified Naturally Grown produce in Chester County, PA. My motivation for farming has meandered over the years. Initially, it was all about hard labor and working towards food resiliency, even at the expense of my physical and mental health. Now, as I enter year 7 of owning my farm business, my values are shifting. Many are still firmly rooted in my initial goals and inspirations, but I now approach this path in a gentler, more holistic way: The importance of human connection; Enjoyment of a meal; Conversations around food and land stewardship; Celebration of and attention to our needs as a planet and a people - these are now foundational elements to how I view and operate my business. The physicality of this work forces one to think creatively about how to continue farming sustainably while our bodies age. It has been a joyful, and sometimes painful adventure discovering my edges and listening to myself more fully. My self-care activity is a desperately needed visit to the chiropractor!”



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