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Elliot Seldner & Emma Hendel of Fair Share Farm

Our 76th @realfarmercare recipient - Elliot Seldner & Emma Hendel of Fair Share Farm @fair_share_farm in Pfafftown, NC.

They write, “Together we own and operate @fair_share_farm in North Carolina. We grow produce for chefs (normally) and farmers market customers in Winston Salem, Greensboro and Charlotte. We met in college, started Fair Share in 2014, got married in 2017 and bought the farm in 2019 after leasing for five years. We started farming for simple reasons: to have our career outdoors and to eat good food. As we’ve grown, farming has become so much more. It is our mission to grow the best food we possibly can, share that food with as many as we can and to bring joy and nourishment to those we’re lucky enough to serve.

Prior to Covid-19, Fair Share Farm did 70% of sales with restaurant and wholesale accounts. By the end of the second week of March, all of our restaurant accounts were grappling with the choice of limping along with takeout or shutting down all together. We made the choice to make a hard pivot to grow our already existing online sales platform and restructure our whole work week to meet the retail demand. We have hired a few part-time employees who are laid-off from their restaurant jobs, and we continue to search for more help to meet the demands of our community. We are harvesting tons of beautiful salad products and sourcing seasonal fruit and eggs from our trusted farm friends. It brings us joy to provide our community with safe, delicious produce and we are grateful to continue our mission to grow the best produce we can, be kind to the land, and make a living for ourselves and our employees.”



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