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Dexter Collingwood, farm employee of Xast Sqit Farm

The 228th recipient is Dexter Collingwood @redcheckeredvans, a farm employee of Xast Sqit Farm @goodrainfarm in Oregon.

Dexter writes, “I feel like I started farming as the choices humanity has made have finally started crashing down around us. The climate crisis is honestly overwhelming, not to mention labor shortages and skyrocketing housing and land prices. Farming at Xast Sqit has brought a form of purpose to my life that I’m not sure I would have found otherwise. This work is so much more than just food, and especially as a white farmer, queer or not, I keep those who made this work possible close to my heart. Bringing people closer to the plants that their ancestors tended, and drawing closer to those that my own ancestors cared for is invaluable.

Support can take so many forms. During a season like 2022, I try to remind myself and the veteran farmers around me to celebrate the smallest victories. It is too easy to look backwards at all the years of abundance and mourn what could have been. Self care is letting the season take its course, accepting what you cannot change, and dissecting what you could have done better. We can’t expect ourselves to be indestructible. Be kind to yourselves, friends.”


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