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Crystal & Eric Stevens and family of Grow Create Inspire

Our 73rd @realfarmercare recipient - Crystal & Eric Stevens and family of Grow Create Inspire @growcreateinspire of Godfrey, IL.

Crystal writes, “I come from a long line of farmers - the last two generations have been city dwellers but I grew up visiting the family farms of our distant relatives across the Midwest. I am a mother, an herbalist, an art teacher, a regenerative farmer, a permaculturalist, and the author of three books. My husband and I have been farming together for 13 years and we love teaching our children how to be stewards of the land. We spent seven years managing La Vista CSA Farm, and now we live on a 10-acre farm - Flourish - along the bluffs of the mighty Mississippi River where we farm on 1-acre of the land. We use regenerative farming practices such as no-till, cover-cropping, sheet mulching, and soil building. We farm because it feeds our soul and our family, and it brings us together and paints the terrain beautifully.

Our biggest challenge is always earning a living wage since we have to juggle several small endeavors to ensure multiple income streams just to break even, and the long hours make it difficult for our family. But in these challenging times for everyone, I am using this donation to build online curriculum so that folks can take online classes through us.

We want to give a percentage of the proceeds from the online classes to small farm families in the community who are in need.”



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