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Chris Bueno @thelocalfarmertx of La Cosecha Farm

Our 67th @realfarmercare recipient - Chris Bueno @thelocalfarmertx of La Cosecha Farm in Edinburg, TX.

Chris writes, “Being able to farm for my community is very rewarding. I started farming almost 6 years ago and I'm a self taught farmer learning from lots of YouTube videos on how to farm. I love having people try new veggies - the thought that someone might like kohlrabi after they try it just thrills me. Farming isn't always fun and at times it's the hardest job in the world and not everyone appreciates the hard work that goes into farming. The fact that we as farmers have the hardest job but most gratifying responsibility of providing sustenance to our community speaks to just how important farmers are to the world.


With all the confusion and madness that's been happening lately, I've seen a huge push of people wanting to purchase fresh veggies since they are trying to avoid large crowds and the disappointment at the grocery stores if products run out. I want to encourage more people to buy their food from local farms since almost everywhere in the U.S there is a family farm waiting to serve you. Buying fresh from the farmer should not be an uncommon thing to do. It should be a daily part of our lives, supporting those farms that will continue to be here once the dust settles.”



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