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Chloe A. Moore of Southside Community Farm

The 211th recipient is Chloe A. Moore @dirtyblackandgrowing of Southside Community Farm @southsidecommunityfarm in Asheville, North Carolina.

Chloe writes, “I started farming in high school because I was more comfortable hanging out with plants and animals than with people. But I quickly learned that as a Black, queer, femme farmer it is impossible to stay apolitical or to ignore the needs of the people. Eleven years later, I now manage Southside Community Farm where I am part of creating food sovereignty in a Black neighborhood struggling under displacement and food apartheid.

For me and my community, farming is about healing a connection to Earth, body, and spirit which has been damaged by centuries of enslavement, sharecropping, violence and displacement. Self care, community care, and land care are all deeply intertwined and we can always look to the abundance and reciprocity of our ecosystems as guides and teachers. To me, support looks like using the skills, gifts, and privileges you already have and offering them to your community.”


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