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Chantel Johnson of Off Grid In Color

Our 42nd @realfarmercare recipient - Chantel Johnson of Off Grid In Color @offgridincolor in Woodleaf, NC.

Chantel writes, “Off Grid In Color is health and wellness sanctuary. Our mission is to encourage people to take steps towards greater self-sufficiency and we do this by providing pasture raised meat, doula services and community outreach. I'm a social worker by academic training and I know and understand the importance of self-care. That's one reason why I started farming. My farm saved me from depression and pulled me out of grief after my brother died. He was shot several times in Chicago and later died. He was only 19 years old. I was so angry. There I was in my late 20s with these fancy degrees, worldly experiences, and a great job while my brother and other people in my community were dying from the impacts of systemic oppression. I relied on Mother Earth to heal me and I took that pain and used it to encourage others to rely on nature to supply all of their needs. I love farming and the work that I do, but it is also back breaking and stressful. Although I know the power of self-care, I can't always afford the care that I need for my back and mental health. I plan to use these funds to get a deep tissue massage to help release pain in my back. Thank you @realfarmercare for providing this service. It is very much needed.” #realfarmercare#offgridincolor


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