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Cara Germain and Michael Zuger of Free Living Farm

Our 64th @realfarmercare recipient - Cara Germain and Michael Zuger of Free Living Farm @freelivingfarm in Brookfield, MA.

Cara writes, “Free Living Farm grew from our desire to be a source of truly healthful food while nurturing soil life and the ecology around us. We grow 1 acre of vegetables in Brookfield, MA for CSA members, farmers markets and restaurants. Our passion for growing food was sparked by the sharing of stories and encouragement from many farmers who knew there was something deeply gratifying and unquestionably important in quality food and caring for the land. We are grateful for the education and willingness to share that this community has built and hope to continue this legacy by doing right by nature, leading by example and cultivating community nourishment along the way.

With this current health crisis, we would like to donate the self-care funds to starting a financial aid fund for our CSA. This fund will be open for donations and can be used to help people wanting to join our CSA but who can’t quite make the total payments work at this time. We also have payment plans that spread the payments out to help members spread the cost out over many months. The prospect of a bountiful, healthful season is still in our future and we want to make nourishing food accessible to anyone in our community who is looking for it.”



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