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Bil Thorn & Kate Harwell of Sky Island Farm

Our next @realfarmercare recipient - Bil Thorn & Kate Harwell of Sky Island Farm @skyislandfarm in Humptulips, WA.

Bil writes, “My wife Kate and I are organic vegetable farmers in Humptulips, WA. We have been running an organic farm in Grays Harbor County for 6 years and we are Grays Harbor’s largest and longest running CSA ever. This last season we worked with our local hospital and provided veggie shares to patients. We love what we do because we get to provide fresh, nutrient dense produce to our community either through CSA, the food banks, and farmers markets. This fund means a lot to us since we farm for a living and rarely do anything for ourselves. Thank you to the donors and @realfarmercare for thinking about the small farmer!!” #realfarmercare #skyislandfarm


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