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Angela and June Provost of Provost Farm

Our 89th @realfarmercare recipient is Angela and June Provost of Provost Farm in New Iberia, LA.

Angie writes, “Hello! We're June and Angie Provost, owners of Provost Farm in Louisiana. Our operation largely centers around sugarcane production, activism, and consultancy work. Also, we’ve recently added okra, sweet corn, and peppers into the mix--just to spice things up! The mission of our farm is to spread awareness regarding the depletion of the black farmer and landowner; plus, how those issues affect food security and land inequities. Handed down from our ancestors, farming is in our DNA and taking care of the earth is in our spirit. The COVID-19 pandemic has reaffirmed our goals of the necessity for small farms to provide fresh produce and services to our communities. We thank all growers who are with us in this fight, and are hopeful for a healthier, more equal future for us all.” . #realfarmercare #provostfarm #louisiana #cultivateequity #blackfarmers #foodjustice #blackfarmersmatter #blacklivesmatter #familyfarms #communitycare


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