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Amy Rose & Derek Foll of Virginia Free Farm

Our 78th @realfarmercare recipient is Amy Rose & Derek Foll of Virginia Free Farm @spottedpigholler in Kents Store, VA.

They write, “We founded Virginia Free Farm in 2019 with a mission to provide FREE nutritious, responsibly produced healthy food to our neighbors in need. Derek proudly served this country as a Marine deployed in Iraq and Amy Rose is a veteran of the U.S. Army. We continue the legacy of service to others now by protecting the food security of the community around us. We provide weekly deliveries to individuals throughout central Virginia either by pick up or direct delivery for those who are house bound.​ We also provide high quality food to community groups such as Food not Bombs and Blessing Warriors to prepare, and free community meals to those in need to strengthen the bond between neighbors sharing these weekly meals in a public space.​ We also provide educational programs and presentations for schools and community groups on topics such as food insecurity, indigenous agriculture, seed saving, and more.”



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