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Alyssa Hughes of Urban Roots Farm

Our next @realfarmercare recipient - Alyssa Hughes of Urban Roots Farm @urbanrootsfarm in Springfield, MO.

She writes, “Small farming was an idea completely foreign to me when I first stumbled upon Urban Roots 6.5 years ago but I was looking for a life that allowed me to live my values and feel like I was contributing to a system that had some answers for the future. This one acre plot in the heart of Springfield Missouri used be to a blighted, overgrown, chaos attracting piece of ground and now it's a place where neighborhood children learn how carrots are grown, where families come get their week’s supply of the most nutrient dense veggies available and most importantly, it is a farm where community is built. This farm, this lifestyle, and the community surrounding small farming allow me to look towards the future with hope.” #realfarmercare#urbanrootsfarm#welovefarmers


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