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Ali Anderson of Feed Black Futures

Our 132nd Real Farmer Care recipient is Ali Anderson of Feed Black Futures @feedblackfutures in Los Angeles, CA. Ali writes, “I’m a Black feminist grower, sexual health educator, birthworker, and public health professional. My recent mutual aid work grew in response to the food security needs of Black communities in Los Angeles impacted by incarceration and food apartheid. Currently, I serve as the founder and director of Feed Black Futures (FBF) @feedblackfutures, a mutual aid organization committed to Black food sovereignty by supplying Black mamas and caregivers in Los Angeles impacted by probation, parole, or supporting an incarcerated loved one with local and organic produce from small-scale Black and Brown farmers. The organization also strengthens the capacity of mamas and caregivers to grow their own food and plant medicine. I became passionate about Black food sovereignty and food justice while serving as a doula and supporting pregnant people through navigating barriers to access nutrient rich and culturally relevant foods.” To support this work and learn more, visit link in @feedblackfutures bio. #feedblackfutures #blackfarming #abolitionnutrition #urbanfarming #foodjustice #foodsovereignty #blackfarmersmatter #realfarmercare


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