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Adrianna Moreno of Empowered Flowers

The 144th Real Farmer Care recipient is Adrianna Moreno of Empowered Flowers in Canby, OR.

Adrianna writes, “My name is Adrianna (she/her) and I am a Venezuelan immigrant living and working in unceded kalapuya territory/Canby, OR. My childhood migration was deeply impactful and the separation from what I’d known in addition to the fear and uncertainty in what would come has driven my passion to farm in order to create connected community and stability in a way I did not know for much of my life. As an ‘city kid’ I discovered the wonders of the outside world through farming 11 seasons ago on a CSA farm in Massachusetts. Since then I have farmed winter vegetable greenhouse production, and made my way to the west coast to learn organic seed production. Currently I farm 4 acres with my wife growing a diversified four season market mix, certified organic seed and medicinal herbs.

A function of capitalism in conjunction with internalized racism, sexism and homophobia has limited any self care routine since I started farming, but in finding a partner and community to show up for I’m finding it’s more important than ever to care for my body and spirit so that I can continue to support our market and farming community through good food, high quality seed and genuine connection.”


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