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ab Banks of People’s Programs

The 227th recipient is ab Banks @muchobanksy of People’s Programs @peoplesprograms in Berkeley, CA.

ab writes, “I’ve always been exposed to farming since my granddad had an acre of land in Delhi, CA. We would go during summer and help out. In 2015, I worked with a group of farmers and realized that without farmers we wouldn’t have food and I decided I needed these skills to consider myself a revolutionary. Farming is one of the cornerstones of revolution - without this knowledge we won’t be able to survive! Right now I farm 1/2 acre in an urban farm and all of the produce goes to the community for free - we pass out 130 boxes of food every other Friday. To me that’s what support looks like - giving people what they need, no questions asked. In my experience, farmers have a hard time doing self care. We are very hard on bodies as farmers and it’s essential that we seek body work. But body work is often not accessible. Healers and farmers coming together will be the next phase of evolution.”


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