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Vera Fabian & Gordon Jenkins of Ten Mothers Farm

Our next @realfarmercare recipient - Vera Fabian & Gordon Jenkins of Ten Mothers Farm @tenmothersfarm in Cedar Grove, NC.

They write, “We're Vera and Gordon and this is our fifth year running Ten Mothers Farm outside of Hillsborough, NC. We grow year-round, no-till vegetables for 180 CSA families on one acre. Our farm is named after an old saying "‪garlic is as good as ten mothers‬" because we love cooking with garlic and we believe food is powerful medicine. We are delighted to be able to grow full-of-life food for our community. We are humbled and heartened by our members who believe in us and choose to buy their food from us, by our community of fellow farmers who are so generous with their experience and wisdom, and by all of you who value the work of small-scale, sustainable farmers. Thank you -- you give us the courage to keep farming.” #realfarmercare #tenmothersfarm #welovefarmers Photo credit: Josh Sattin @sattinhillfarm


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