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Tonni Oberly Co-owner of Oaks & Sprouts

The 141st Real Farmer Care recipient is Tonni Oberly co-owner of Oaks & Sprouts @oaksandsprouts in Urbana, Ohio.

Tonni writes, “We are in our second season of farming. We combined my experience in public health and community development and my husband’s knowledge in sustainability to develop our regenerative farm. As a Black woman, I am honored to grow food and reclaim the agricultural practices of my heritage. There is immense power in being able to produce food for yourself and for your community.

Self-care is so important. We are all living in a traumatic and violent world. Farming can be a lonely and stressful endeavor, but connecting to family, friends, and faith helps to ground me in the work. Importantly, I also strive to dismantle the structural oppressions that impact our mental health. This is not something we can do alone. Let’s join together for a better, more nourishing world.”


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