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Shanice Fleming of Queenz Cut Flower Farm

The 142nd Real Farmer Care recipient is Shanice Fleming of Queenz Cut Flower Farm @queenzxcutxflowers located in Troy, New York.

Shanice writes, “Farming for me is a means to build community and strengthen our bond to the land and the many species we share it with. I started Queenz Cut Flower Farm in order to give back and heal the land so I can work with a higher purpose. There is a great need for BIPOC healing spaces and also spaces where black folks feel comfortable in nature. I can tell you first hand there are many farm owners who need anti-racist and multicultural training. Farming as black women in very white and rural spaces is sometimes very difficult emotionally and socially isolating. This need to feel healed and be safe while farming pushed me to start my own small scale flower CSA. Because I have been in situations that have made me tired on so many levels that I forgot to take care of myself. Not every farming job that I have had was bad, but there are some things that really just traumatize you. I hope that by starting this small scale urban flower farm CSA I will eventually be able to purchase some land and create that BIPOC healing center and flower/medicinal herb farm I see when I close my eyes. The importance of self care and keeping your mental health in check can be difficult but it is of the highest importance when you are just trying to do a little good for the earth and people around you.” #queenzxcutxflowers #realfarmercare


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