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Sarah McNeil of Odd Alewives Farm Brewery

Our 63rd @realfarmercare recipient - Sarah McNeil of Odd Alewives Farm Brewery @oddalewives in Waldoboro, ME.

Sarah writes, “Although I’ve always been a grower in some form or another, I went into full-time beer farming two years ago when my husband and I returned to Maine to start Odd Alewives Farm Brewery. We grow herbs, fruit, hops and even some vegetables all for small batch beer production. We have a tasting room in an 1800’s barn on our property and it has become the unofficial community center of the region where neighbor’s meet-up and new friendships form. I remember one rainy Saturday night this past autumn, at closing time our place was occupied by all female farmers and I felt a huge amount of pride for this place we have created and for the amazing community of makers and doers all around us. We recently opened a wood-fired oven and this summer will be our first season also growing for pizza. This summer is going to be exciting but tough because we have expanded our gardens and business, and I am currently the sole farmer. Since I will not get a day off again until it snows, my self-care focus will be to buy a hammock with a metal stand that I can move around the gardens to give me 20 minutes of escaping and relaxing at the end of the day and to enjoy the gardens I have worked so hard to create.”


If you’re local, Odd Alewives is currently taking phone orders for take out pizza and growlers to-go. If you want to support from afar, consider buying a gift certificate to lift up Sarah’s business during this time! More info @oddalewives



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