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Sam Gerry & Jess Moquin of Ramble On Farm

Our 70th @realfarmercare recipient - Sam Gerry & Jess Moquin and their son Malachite of Ramble On Farm @rambleonfarmme in Troy, ME.

They write, “With our son Malachite, we grow (soon to be certified) organic veggies and pasture raised chicken, duck, and goose. We worked and apprenticed with Snakeroot Organic Farm in Pittsfield, ME for about 5 years and in spring 2019 decided it was time to start our own endeavor. While we are on leased land now, we hope to buy our own land in the next 5 years. The force that drives us is family. Living a life where we can be together more often than not, while growing honestly grown food for our community is the most fulfilling. . In the midst of this pandemic, we are working on setting up our year - from starting seedlings to welcoming our first batch of chicks - our products will start becoming available in May. We are hoping for the best, but preparing for this to last quite a while. This means buying extra products for delivering our veggies and meat, that were totally unexpected. We will be adding an online order system for a boxed delivery option for those who do not wish to leave their homes. And assuming there are still folks out of work and high risk individuals not wanting to leave nor have the capability of venturing out much once May hits, we plan on putting 10% of our sales in a Community Fund. Our customers will also be informed if they would like to donate anything on top of their total, that will also be put into this fund. These funds will then be allocated to community members for products from us. In these uncertain times, we have to help our neighbors in any way possible. Even if that means dropping a box on their doorstep and having no face to face interaction. For the time being, it's what will mean the world to many.” . #realfarmercare #rambleonfarmme #familyfarms #organicfarms #mofgacertifiedorganic #localfarms #helpyourneighbor #communitycare


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