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Richard Myers & Shawn Joseph of Park City Harvest LLC

Our 54th @realfarmercare recipient - Richard Myers & Shawn Joseph of Park City Harvest LLC in Bridgeport, CT.

Richard writes, “Being born on the island of Jamaica where everyone is highly dependent on nature, I knew the importance of plants at a young age. Watching my grandmother propagate different mangos on one tree and spending her days in the garden, I was able to understand the reason for growing one’s own crops, whether it was to feed the family, donate, or vend. With her passing, it left me with the feeling of knowing in my soul that I belonged to this newfound world of farming. Seeking an education that would match my love for plants led me towards horticulture and I haven’t turned back since. But making farming my reality has truly been a task for me due to my own life struggles. At a younger age, I was diagnosed with epilepsy which causes seizures at any given time, including loss of consciousness, fainting and fatigue. Hence the creation of Park City Harvest, an urban farm business I started with Shawn, originally with 6 different plots around the community of Bridgeport. We have since been granted access to an acre of growing space on private property to consolidate, increase our crop output, and decrease the need for traveling to multiple places. Our focus is on growing and harvesting fresh vegetables and fruits to feed the poor first, then families, and then we sell the rest to local people through Farmers Markets within the county. We grow, give and sell routinely not only to feed our personal growing passions, but to enlighten anyone we encounter about the benefits of fresh foods and to teach that anything is possible.”



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