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Nicole Blüh of Grow Where You Are Collective

The 155th Real Farmer Care recipient is Nicole Blüh of Apothecary @thirdmoonbotanica and grower/worker with the @growwhereyouare collective in the Atlanta GA area. Nicole writes, “Beginning to transition from a hazardous lifestyle in 2008, I was driven to solve my health issues and became a full time grower by 2011. Working with soil and Her people has been life saving. Working in a collective manner, especially as a landless farmer, has required me to slow down. The challenges of moving from plot to plot and building these spaces has built a more resilient and observant grower out of me. Farming for me is, continuously choosing to make a commitment to feed oneself and community in a way that reflects the beauty of the soil.

The history here in Georgia is wrenching. As a grower looking to see a healthier world, I think we would all benefit greatly if Black and Native people here had their land back and sovereignty, which likely means sacrifice for many others.

Just recently I learned more that my grandmother Severa aka "Rita" was a serious gardener and a worker on a landscape crew in Miami. Her maternal grandparents were Romanian immigrant growers in Argentina. Learning that I come from people who were committed to feeding others and working with plants is encouraging. As sobering as it is, remembering the issues we are all facing based on disrespect of nature, Her people and the soil helps me to focus and actually be more mentally well in this time of mass distraction. Self care, for me, is taking time to enjoy the Sun, making time to creatively organize thoughts and plans, and enjoying herbs by myself or with others. Please support our Patreon Grow Where You Are”


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