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Maya Kotsogiannis of Alma Roots Farm

The 231st recipient is Maya Kotsogiannis of Alma Roots Farm @almarootsfarm in High Falls, NY.

Maya writes, “I fell into farming by accident, but it was the best accident. My first farm job and the farmers I worked for (Old Ford Farm) showed me that work can be joyful and meaningful in a whole being kind of way. I farm to feed the soil, the community, and my soul. Growing vegetables and raising animals is my way of living with the Earth and all her beings.

To me, self care and whole being health is keeping the connection of mind, body, soul to the Earth. Many days that is achieved simply by doing my work with care and when the crazy frantic days come, I (hopefully) remember to rest my hands on the earth, or within the soil, to find the connection again.”


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