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Kelsey Jorissen @kelseyjorissen of Green Willow Homestead

Our 79th @realfarmercare recipient - Kelsey Jorissen @kelseyjorissen of Green Willow Homestead in Franklin, WI.

She writes, “Green Willow Homestead is a 5-acre Wisconsin farm run by me as a first-generation female farmer. We sell pastured eggs, maple syrup, heirloom popcorn, and all kinds of produce at our roadside farmstand. Green Willow Homestead believes that chickens raised out in the sunshine and on pasture make the happiest hens and healthiest eggs. On our farm, the quality of our soil is our biggest priority. We’ve dedicated the last five years to building up robust and healthy soil using holistic, no till, and regenerative practices. Through restoring the small wetlands and natural prairie on our farm, we’ve witnessed the most beautiful transformation of our local ecosystem. By farming in tandem with nature’s strengths, we’ve been able to feed our local community and restore this little slice of earth we have the honor to call home.


Right now we are selling eggs and seeds to our community through our roadside farmstand. We also offer free at-home delivery for the elderly and immune-suppressed to the Milwaukee area. I want to urge locavores to be understanding, patient, and flexible with their local farmers as many of them are navigating new waters with setting up online stores, starting home deliveries, and keeping themselves safe. Farmers: remember to lean on other local growers. Create a network with each other so if you need help, you can find it. This call to action doesn't have to be localized either. Farmers, you can seek wisdom and advice through the network of farmers who show up every day here in this online world.”



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