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Katelyn Duban of Duban Farms

Happy Sunday! Our 49th @realfarmercare recipient - Katelyn Duban @wildrosefarmer of Duban Farms in Alberta, Canada.

Katelyn writes, “I am a first generation farmer married to a multigenerational farmer living and growing on our families certified organic grain and oilseed operation, Duban Farms, in Southern Alberta, Canada. It was never my intention to be an active member of the farm when I married my husband. I had a career and a life outside of the farm that I desperately tried to hold on to. It only took nine months of marriage and a mid-mid-life crisis to make me realize there's no place I'd rather be than on the farm. Working with my hands and growing food to feed people has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. My husband, Justin, is the third generation to farm this land. He decided to make the switch from conventional to organic grain and oilseed production back in 2015. The transition has been challenging at times but we believe growing organic is the best way that we can continue to be good stewards of this land. Working as a team with your spouse can be rewarding and a challenge, and having a date night out as a couple will be appreciated. Together, along with our family and team, we make it work.” #realfarmercare #wildrosefarmer #theruralwomanpodcast #womeninag #farmher #womenwhofarm #organicfarming #knowyourfarmer


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