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Jovan Sage of Gilliard Farms

Our 81st @realfarmercare recipient is Jovan Sage @sageslarder a herbalist, doula, wellness coach, and seed keeper and Chicken Whisperer at Gilliard Farms @gilliardfarms in Coastal Georgia.

She writes, “My days are steeped in transforming seeds into plants and plants into enriching teas, hearty medicine and delicious dishes. As the Alchemist behind Sage’s Larder, I guide people to find their own healing and resiliency through food, tea and plants. I currently volunteer as Board Chair of Seed Savers Exchange and I am the founding President of the Savannah & Coastal Georgia chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier International. I am also the resident herbalist and Chicken Whisperer at Gilliard Farms.

As a farmer, this pandemic and its effects have called on us to step up in a bigger way to feed our communities and ourselves. It has meant planting more, sharing and saving more seeds, leaning into creating products with true value, and identifying new ways to sell and collectively organize. It also means the loss of off-farm income and the cancellation of farm tours and classes. Ultimately, this is calling on us all to work through grief as well as dig deep into our well of resiliency and creativity.”



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