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James Walton-Fuentes, Farm Manager at 1841 Farm

The 146th Real Farmer Care recipient is James Walton-Fuentes @james.Walton.Fuentes, Farm Manager at 1841 Farm in Rhinebeck, NY.

James writes, “I left my 12-year artworld career to start farming in 2013. I wanted to be involved with something more giving to the world. I have been fortunate to meet some remarkable individuals who give their all to farming because they love the work and love their communities. The importance of a farmer-community relationship cannot be overstated. I have also seen the dark and challenging side, which creates doubt and bitterness. I think I have actually been through more downs than ups, but when the good things happen, they're outstanding. I have found an appreciation for natural cycles and other farmers' fortitude through it all. There are many obstacles in the way of small farms. There are many ways in which farmers need support. Directly showing up for them goes a long way and encourages others to do it.”


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