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Emma Jagoz of Moon Valley Farm

Our 55th @realfarmercare recipient - Emma Jagoz of Moon Valley Farm @moonvalleyfarm in Woodsboro, MD.

Emma writes, “I started Moon Valley Farm 9 years ago as a community based farm in Maryland. We bartered land from community members for 8 years to grow our 15 acres of vegetables & herbs, and just recently purchased 25 acres of land of our own. We grow certified organic produce for 250 CSA members and for the best chefs in the Mid-Atlantic in DC & Baltimore. Growing year-round without much ability to invest in infrastructure was difficult, but we are excited to be able to start doing that on a farm of our own. I am regularly challenged on the farm with learning about mechanics and construction and I love that side of farm life, as I’m always learning. I am constantly inspired by the amazing community members who cook and share our produce and create beautiful and nutritious meals with it all. I absolutely love being an organic farmer for my community and I can’t imagine a more satisfying career. With this @realfarmercare donation, I am going to take my kids out for a hike and then dinner - we will all be SO happy to get off of the farm together!” . #realfarmercare #moonvalleyfarm #womenwhofarm #farmHer #womeninag #groundedwomen #smallfarms #localfarms #organicfarms #csafarms #selfcare


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