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Eduardo Rivera of Sin Fronteras Farm & Food

Our 31st @realfarmercare recipient - Eduardo Rivera of Sin Fronteras Farm & Food @sinfronterastc in Stockholm, Wisconsin.

Eduardo writes, “Sin Fronteras was established in 2014 and was founded with the intent of changing statistics on the farming census and changing the perspective of what farmers look like in this country. We strive to bring hard to find herbs and veggies geared towards a Latinx diet like epazote, pipicha, papalo and calabacitas plus Chile chilhuacle and more. Now that we have become owners of some land, we are working on being the first legit taco farm of the Midwest where we work with local corn growers and supply local hard to find nixtamalized tortillas as well as other value-added products. We are very excited about becoming a farm where our community feels welcome and we can provide products and services that make them feel back at home! Farming feels like torture at times, but a great activity that makes you feel good too, and the same with a tattoo. For my self care activity, I will begin this new season with getting a new tattoo - it will consist of a Chile plant with chiles and chile flowers since Mexico is where chiles come from and it’s a way to wear my work and my history on my sleeves.” #realfarmercare #sinfronterastc


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