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Davon Goodwin of OTL Farms

Our 100th(!!!!) Real Farmer Care recipient is Davon Goodwin of OTL Farms @O.T.L.FARMS in Laurinburg, NC.

Davon writes, “My name is Davon Goodwin and I’m the owner and operator of OTL FARMS (OFF THE LAND). I started farming 6 years ago after my vehicle hit an IED (Improvised explosive device) in Afghanistan in 2010. After my accident, I lost my sense of purpose and drive to live. When I got my first job as a Farm Manager, my life changed forever. I truly believe when you put your hands in the dirt you will never be the same again. Farming became healing and it renewed my sense of purpose - without farming I would not be here today. My wife and I created OTL FARMS in 2016 while being on leased land. Now we own 42 acres where we operate OTL FARMS. Farming is not just about growing food but more about growing people and community. Our hopes are that we provide our community with access to the highest quality of fruits and vegetables.” . Follow Davon’s farm @o.t.l.farms, support his work via Venmo @ Davon-Goodwin and PayPal at, and listen to Davon today, and every day. . #offthelandfarms #smallfarms #veteranfarmers #foodsovereignty #foodjustice #farmingwhileblack #blackfarmers #blackfarmersmatter #blacklivesmatter #communitycare #realfarmercare


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