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Cheyenne Sundance of Sundance Harvest

Our 36th @realfarmercare recipient - Cheyenne Sundance of Sundance Harvest @sundanceharvest in Toronto, Ontario.

Cheyenne writes, “Sundance Harvest is a year-round urban farm in Toronto that is rooted in food justice and solely run by me. As a 22 year old youth who wanted to enter the world of agriculture because of the systemic racism I’ve faced in the food system growing up, I noticed the lack of racial representative leadership from those who are most affected by food insecurity and land based oppression. I started and run a farm school and teach about food justice part time. After teaching workshops, I noticed most of my participants who came were youth who are on the Margins so I started a project called Growing in the Margins, which provides free educational workshops to low income youth who are Black, Indigenous, POC, LGBTQ2S, and who are living with disabilities. I truly think the lack of our representation in agriculture is a systemic issue stemming from a lack of growing education in the city which creates a cycle that shows itself by the low numbers of BIPOC and LGBTQ2S farmers in Ontario. Farming means self-resilience and also is the first job I’ve ever held where it doesn’t feel so much like work. Food connects people and so does the land. The relationship I have between the earth now is one of patience and understanding, which are two traits that farming has taught me. As someone who also lives with a disability, I’ve found being able to make a career in farming has allowed me to have more freedom and independence in my work. My self-care activity is to take a day for myself and rent a car to go tobogganing out in the country in Ontario. I feel that it will help me appreciate the winter season, especially since I farm year-round. I also really like tobogganing!” #realfarmercare #sundanceharvest


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