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Chad & Laurie Trigg of Backwoods Buffalo Ranch

Our 59th @realfarmercare recipient - Chad & Laurie Trigg of Backwoods Buffalo Ranch @backwoodsbuffalo in Alberta, Canada.

Laurie writes, “Chad and I bought Backwoods Buffalo Ranch in October of 2013 at 19 + 20 years old - it was uninhabited and in need of passion and hardwork. With a few hundred dollars in our bank account, a huge student loan under our belts, and ultimately taking possession of a mortgage bigger than any financial institution should have granted two kids, we continued to dream even bigger. We started with a horse, two dogs and a cat and have over the years expanded to a herd of plains bison, performance quarter horses, hogs, poultry, and a massive garden inhabiting the land. We believe in the conservation of the Pure Plains Bison and host individuals from around the world, year round, who wish to learn about the majestic beasts through the knowledge and skills we have obtained through our seven years learning through them.

While we were both raised on farms, bison were new to us and we accepted the challenge, but not without many hardships and lessons learned. We have 3 children Oakley who is 3, Hayes who is 10 months, and Willa Hain our second daughter, who sadly passed away in 2018. Since the loss of our sweet Willa girl, we have been striving to live life to the fullest, to give back as much as we can and simply love, but sometimes when you are living for someone else you forget to take care of yourself.

I appreciate @realfarmercare so much as we need to acknowledge the love and passion that farmers and ranchers put into their livestock, to ultimately get a great product on your plate, even though they may be fighting a silent battle. My husband Chad is my rock and I don't know what I would do without him the last few years. I would love for him to have the self-care funds to put towards purchasing a new pair of boots because you know they should probably be retired when the duct tape doesn't even hold up! We are thankful everyday for this beautiful life and this community of fellow farmers.” . #realfarmercare #backwoodsbuffalo #backwoods #bison #buffalo #bisonranch #livestock #ranchers #homestead #ranchfamily #womenwhofarm #selfcare


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