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Andrew Harrel of Fairweather Farm

Our 44th @realfarmercare recipient - Andrew Harrel @andrew.harrel of Fairweather Farm in Papineauville, Quebec.

Andrew writes, “Starting my own farm had been a dream of mine for over a decade, and last year with my father's help, my farm dream became a reality. I'm a 1st generation farmer who grew up in the city and now I couldn't be happier to be in the country. With the support of friends and family, together we grow a wide variety of vegetables and fine herbs, where I live in Québec. Fairweather Farm is a chance to firmly plant roots and to eventually have a family of my own. The support from @realfarmercare will allow me to attend one of my farming role models Ken Taylor’s last workshop on fruit propagation. Ken’s farm was where I did my first stage for Farm Management Tech and he changed the way I looked at farming for the better. To me farming is a way of connecting with the Earth to live in harmony with nature. By growing good food, we truly can help people to live better lives.” #realfarmercare #fairweatherfarm


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